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Organisation & Procedures Unit (HR-SPS-OP)

Gabriele Thiede   Yael Grange-Lavigne

The Organisation & Procedure Unit is a central body in the Administration which is responsible for the following functions:

Analyse, simplify, improve and harmonise administrative procedures currently in use by the Organisation.
Propose enhancements/suppressions/additions of administrative procedures, especially in relation with the new administrative applications being introduced in the Laboratory.
Assure efficient and coherent implementation of new administrative procedures, after approval by the Director of Finance and Human Resources (via the CLA).
Document existing and new administrative procedures.
Control and authorize implementation of all new or modified administrative forms.
(Public forms designed by Organisation & Procedures Unit are available directly thru the Web. Others are available from Departmental Secretariats).

The scope of the Organisation & Procedures Unit is to cover all administrative procedures of the Laboratory excluding procedures applied by Departments for their proper and internal use.
As far as administrative forms are concerned, the Unit is committed to develop any new form in electronic format and, whenever possible integrated with the EDH application in close co-operation with the EDH-Team.
The AIS web site contains an overview of our projects for administrative forms and procedures.

The unit collaborates with and presides over the GTPA (Groupe de Travail sur les ProcÚdures Administratives) with representatives of all departments. One member participates in the steering group which is responsible for drawing up a procedures manual.

The unit also provides the secretariat of the CLA (ComitÚ de Liaison Administrative).